Friday, October 10, 2008

Peggy, Preston, Chantra and Paul

Peggy, Preston, Chantra and Paul

Chantra and Paul

Glen and Marian

Jake and Hillary

Chantra and daughter

Jake and Hillary

Marian and her fiance

Hillary and Chantra

Chantra and Kierstyn

Loving cousins

Aunt Kathy and cute Shauna
with Bunny ears

Pretty Shellie!

Shellie, Stef and Shauna

Aren't brothers great?

Shellie and Shauna

Stef and Sierra

Cute Sierra

Tauna and Siera

Tauna, Drey and Sierra

Kathy, Shauna and Shellie chatting

Shauna and Shellie

Gooch kids except for Wendy

Gooch family minus Wendy

Tauna joining in!

Lynnette's Family
Gooch homecoming